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I am documenting the wildlife in southern California and mostly Orange County. Watching the fields and open space disappear over the years has led me down this path of awareness.

My Galleries of wildlife photos are for purchase. I donate 20% to local open space/wildlife groups including the Audubon Society. Presently reorganizing, please scroll down to see my progress. It's an endeavor to go through them all for enabling printing to the right size. Please email me at if you have any recent requests or questions while I am in this process. I can upload a print size in higher quality that you may be interested in.
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I love the beach, gardens and birding, especially hiking for search of raptors and nests. Most of my work here is of my own yard, the nature nearby Orange County, Ca., and local wildlife. When venturing into photography I had no idea how fragile our wildlife was, bringing new meaning to my life to support the preservation of wilderness areas, especially in Orange County, where the areas are disappearing so quickly.

I enjoy infrared shooting, landscapes, long exposures, panoramas, and of course wildlife hikes, ----My work on Flickr, favorites for this year,

You can order my prints from Smugmug
Just email me and I will upload the larger quality prints.
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My past included 15 years of beach volleyball, raising a family and an active life. A neck injury thwarted most of my athletics and pointed me to photography, which I did not have much time for in the past...

My goal now is to contribute to the preservation of earthly things and the beautiful creatures we are encroaching upon, which has always been more important to me than fame. I've seen first hand in Orange County the loss of wildlife, so the decision was made to go down this path.

If you ever need assistance with injured or lost wildlife in Orange County, please remember these numbers, if in doubt call for advice and add it to your cell phone:
Huntington Wetlands & Wildlife 714-374-5587 All
Lake Forest- Orange County Bird of Prey Center 949-837-0786
Long Beach- All Wildlife Rescue and Education Phone: 562-434-0141
San Diego Lakeside Sky Hunters (Raptors only) 619-445-6565 raptors

And here is a link to information about what constitutes rescues

My wildlife work is mostly done with the Canon MKIII and IV. Mastering the beast is really fun...although frustrating after the easy camera I had before, now lugging a 500mm! ;~). Life is not meant to be easy though...this year has proven that yet once again. One of my favorite things is taking on the challenge of bad light and producing good work. You miss alot if you wait for perfect light, and I like the rewards of doing something that wasn't easy. I've hiked alot of miles!.

***Please know that my photos are copyrighted, coded, and stealing or using them in any form is against the law.***

~You can contact me if you have any questions regarding use of my photos for fundraisers of wildlife preservation.
Thanks, and for those who love to observe wildlife, I hope you enjoy my devoted work!
Teach your children well, to respect nature, or it will be gone.

I like hanging at the smugmug community.
All photos copyrighted by Linda Jones

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